With the explosion of the world wide web, internet related jobs are in demand! A career in web design can be a rewarding career that is both fun for the employee and can pay relatively well. Many people these days also desire taking web design related courses to simply learn more about the internet for their own personal use, such as for a hobby. Whether one’s interest in web design is for fun or career advancement, thanks to the internet there is now the ability for people to learn about web design on their own time by being able to enroll in a variety of web design courses online.

But the world of web design is an ever changing field! New technologies are constantly being added and it is important to know what types of web design classes would be the most beneficial for those seeking to get the most from an online education program. So expect learning about web-design to be a continuing education experience. I’ve been an internet hobbyist since the days of BBS systems and baud modems back in the 80’s, and have worked professionally in the web design field both as an employee and a successful freelancer since the mid 90’s. Here is a guide breaking down what you should consider when looking at enrolling in web design courses online. I’ll cover how you can test the waters to see if web design is for you without investing a lot of money right off the bat, and what type of online education employers look for most when it comes to hiring a web designer

For people who are inexperienced with web design, I highly recommend starting with the basic web design classes. Take a beginner’s level class in both HTML and image editing. Those two classes are usually easy to find online, are inexpensive, and will teach you how to make a basic web page complete with photos and even your own custom graphics. If you can grasp those classes rather easily and enjoy them, only then I would recommend enrolling in an actual accredited program which will teach you the more advanced web design courses needed to become a true web design professional.

If you’re ready to make that next leap then you need to answer for yourself what you want from taking web design courses online. Start with beginner’s classes as stated above and you’ll learn about

Are web design classes for your own personal interest? Then you might not want to enroll in a full accredited program leading to certification or a degree. Take only the classes online that interest you.

If you want to make a career for yourself in web design, then you should know that most employers will bare minimum want some type of web design certification. The problem with web design certification is that there isn’t really any one widely accredited certification available at this level. It is kind of like what the A+ IT certification was like when that first started out, where curriculum requirements varied from school to school. So if you’re going with a certification, make sure that you get the courses in their certification program that employers are looking for these days! No worries, I’ll cover those courses later in this article!

There are also plenty of accredited online Associates and Bachelor degree level programs out there, and there are is good number of employers who will ask applicants to a web designer position to have a Bachelors in web design and may even pay better because of it. One of the most important things you must consider here is getting with a nationally accredited program if you are pursuing a serious degree by taking web design courses online. There are multiple benefits for doing so! For starters, employers in the tech field will usually know what online colleges and technical schools are merely diploma mills and which ones are not! Also just about any accredited online college will accept at least some of your previous or current college credits for transfer. Beware of the diploma mill type online schools that won’t accept past college credits if they are applicable to a web design education program.


So what other online web design classes should you take?
XHTML – Is a more advanced evolutionary form of HTML and thus very important to learn for any aspiring web designers who wish to keep current with their knowledge.

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets are a common application used in web design these days. This style sheet language improves web site accessibility for people to view the colors, fonts, and layout of a web page as they were intended to be. And therefore is a vital web design class that you should take.

ASP – Stands for Application Service Provider. Many web pages and software applications are stored on ASPs so it is vital that you understand how these work!

Internet Video – As mentioned earlier, web design is a constantly evolving field with new technology being added to the internet constantly. Embedded video clips have become huge on the internet! Nearly all the clients I deal with lately inquire about video for their websites. So taking a web design related course on video editing is a wise move as this is truly becoming a standard in web design.

Brand Specific Program Classes – You should keep of any brand name web design programs that are becoming a hit in the field. These usually include photo imaging and web page editors, as well as database statistical tracking and secure server shopping cart software.