Not using electronic media in modern times equals sales failure. One major advantage is the Internet can work for you every hour, every day and it can draw clients in from all over the world. Most people find businesses without a Web site less legitimate. An ecommerce Web site can also reduce marketing costs. For those with little computer knowledge, there are many books and resources for Internet use and computer buying. Any business computer purchased should be Internet ready. Also try to get as much memory and the highest speed modem possible, as some sites are heavy on graphics and other content.

Use sites like Yahoo! and Google to find potential clients and also chat groups for your industry. Be careful of Internet addiction. Combat this possible caveat by setting aside one night a week for personal Internet use (such as games, news, e-mail).Remain focused on business during your workday. If you don’t know how to find it, don’t be afraid to still use a library.

Designing an appropriate Web presence is essential from the beginning and takes careful planning. You will likely need to hire at least one consultant to help in this critical process. Remember that a successful Web site happens when its designer knows from the beginning exactly what he wishes to achieve. Though most Internet usage accounts come with free Web space, it is a better idea to buy your own domain name It is more professional and easier for customers to find.

Most colleges offer affordable Web design classes, and you don’t have to learn any code. However, if you don’t have time, find an affordable Web master to build the page for you. Don’t make large graphics or blocks of text – they tend to annoy viewers.
Be conscious of color and font selection – professionalism and easy reading is essential here. The font size should be at least 12 points for easy reading. Be sure people can get in touch with you through the site. Update it often so people have reason to return.
Submit your site to search engines. Use your Web address on all stationary, business cards, and advertising. Your Web site is not just for advertising – include other information. Reply to E-mails promptly and remember that sometimes it takes five or more contacts to sell to one person, so follow-up to truly complete your ecommerce strategy.

Business Success Study Questions To Ponder:
How might you use the Internet as a business advantage?
What are some examples of how a Web site could help a new business?